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We are passionate about creating high-quality skincare formulas that highlight individual beauty and we are experts in professional cosmetics, certified natural cosmetics and retail innovations. Everything from a single source – 100% made in Germany.

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Carefree beauty with the beauty elixir thermal water

SANS SOUCIS delivers carefree beauty. Combining a careful blend of the highest quality ingredients with exclusive thermal water from Baden-Baden, SANS SOUCIS is a trusted partner for the skin – with more than 80 years of skincare expertise. The exclusive thermal water from Baden-Baden, rich in minerals and trace elements, is the very essence of all our products and the “source of beauty”. The SANS SOUCIS recipe for success: innovative products with the highest standards for quality, effectiveness and skin compatibility. All of our products are made in Germany, developed, produced and manufactured at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Baden-Baden.


true beauty

Our heart beats for true beauty

BIODROGA offers all facets of “true beauty”. With the symbiosis of our home in Baden-Baden in the beautiful Black Forest, real people who stand for, with and behind the brand, the genuine purity and individuality of the products and true well-being in every place, we are in the service of real, true beauty. Real beauty comes from authenticity, self-confidence and the personal aspiration to feel completely comfortable in one’s skin. We have been supporting this belief since 1959 with transparent beauty know-how, holistic treatments and modern product concepts – for unique care moments in the institute and at home.


Natural cosmetics that work

For over 35 years DR. SCHELLER has stood for natural cosmetics that work. In 1986, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Scheller founded his own natural cosmetics brand out of personal passion and is today considered a pioneer in classic natural cosmetics. With the foundation of “Apotheker Scheller Naturkosmetik”, Dr. Scheller creates the unique combination of pharmacist knowledge, traditional medicinal plants and modern formulations based on natural ingredients.



BIO:VEGANE LEGIT BEAUTY proves that natural cosmetics can be colorful and exciting. The products are perfectly tailored to the skin needs of Gen Z and achieve LEGIT RESULTS thanks to modern active ingredients. Together with the easy application, individual routine and colorful design, fun and effect are combined in our power products.


we don’t just make products, we create brands

We are skin care experts with more than 80 years of experience – 5 independent brands testify to the multi-brand expertise in all areas – from classic skin care to medical problem solvers to certified natural cosmetics. With experience in around 70 countries, we create products that are 100% made in Germany and view our role as a partner who implements brands with a mission. An experienced BCG Core Team, led by a brand manager, develops a range of products and drives each brand forward with passion and expertise. From the idea, to the launch, to the successful marketing.



YLVA&YOU is more than just a dog grooming brand – our unique, highly effective formulas clean and condition the dog’s coat in a very gentle way. Whether long or short coat, Ylva is suitable for all dog breeds and coat types. The YLVA&YOU brand embodies the love and bond we share with our dogs. We stand for effective, natural grooming products for all dogs. Because we all know: HAPPY DOG, HAPPY LIFE!



Invisible UV protection combined with effective power ingredients – for visible results.

Skinvisibles is based on the professional know-how of many years of in-depth skin care/dermatology experience. Our goal is to challenge current beauty and UV protection principles and create unprecedented formulas and products with a clear focus on consumer needs. Skinvisibles products are recommended by beauticians and beauty experts.